Expected Questions  of General Knowledge/ General Awareness  (Part-1)

Municipal Corporation and Nagar Panchayat Re-Exam (Jan/Feb 2018)

Expected Questions  of General Knowledge/ General Awareness  (Part-1)

Q-1 Directorate General of Civil Aviation allowed which aircraft to be used for civilians? This is 19-seater aircraft and till now it has been used by the defence forces.

Ans.  Dornier 228

Q-2 Conference of all Commanders of Eastern Air Command held at which place?

Ans. Shillong in Meghalaya

Q-3 First women officers who have been inducted as a pilot in the Indian Navy for the first time.

Ans.  Shubhangi Swaroop (Uttar Pardesh)

          Astha Segal (New Delhi)

          Sakthi Maya S (Kerala)

          Roopa A (Puducherry)

Q-4 India recently test-fired itPart-1s indigenously developed a supersonic interceptor missile, capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile at low altitude what is the name of this missile?

Ans. Advanced Air Defence (AAD)

Q-5 What is AKASH?

Ans.  Surface to Air Missile

Q-6 What is SAAW (Smart Anti Airfield Weapon)?

Ans. It is a Glide bomb

Q-7 What is Nirbhay?

Ans. Long range sub-sonic cruise missile.

Q-8 Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman commissioned an indigeneously built anti-submarine warfare stealth into Indian Navy. What is its name?

Ans. INS Kiltan

Q-9 Name the Indian Indigenously  developed third generation anti tank guided missile successfully flight tested by DRDO in deserts of Rajasthan?

Ans. Nag

Q-10 What is Astra?

Ans. Indian beyond visual range air to air missile

Q-11 What is INS Kalvari?

Ans.  Submarine

Q-12 The largest joint aerial drill between South Korea and USA is named?

Ans. Vigilant Ace

Q-13 UAE Armed forces along with UK, US and French armies are participating in joint execises in Abu Dhabi. The drill code is named as ?

Ans. Flag4

Q-14 Which country launched worlds largest nuclear powered ice breaker ship in the resource rich terrian of arctic.

Ans. Russia

Q-15 The training exercise “Prabal Dostyk 2017” is Among which two Countries?

Ans. Indian Army and Kazakhstan Army


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