Expected Questions of General Knowledge/ General Awareness (Part-2)

Municipal Corporation and Nagar Panchayat Re-Exam (Jan/Feb 2018)

Expected Questions  of General Knowledge/ General Awareness  (Part-2)

Q-1 The Joint coastal exercise between Odisha and West Bengal was named.

Ans.  Sagar Kavach

Q-2 Sampriti-7 is a joint training exercise between?

Ans. India and Bangladesh

Q-3 “Mitra Shakti 2017” was a Joint Training Exercise (JTE) between which two countries?

Ans.  India and Sri Lanka

Q-4 “Surya Kiran” is the joint Military exercise between?

Ans. India and Nepal

Q-5 “Surya Kiran XII” was held at?

Ans.  Saljhandi, Nepal

Q-6 Yudh Abhyas -2017 is the joint military exercise between which two countries?

Ans. India and USA

Q-7 Joint Military Exercise Yudh Abhayas was conducted at?

Ans. Washington USA.

Q-8 Indian Navy and Sri Lankan Navy conducted the 2017 Sri Lanka- India Exercise (SLINEX) at which place?

Ans. Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

Q-9 Air Force of Pakistan and China conducted joint training exercise named?

Ans. Shaheen VI

Q-10 “DRUZBA 2017” was the exercise between?

Ans. Special forces of Pakistan and Russian Armies

Q-11 “Iron Union 5” was a drill related to which two countries?

Ans.  US and UAE

Q-12 The joint military exercise named “Iron Union 5” was conducted at?

Ans. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Q-13 What is the Capital of Russia ?

Ans. Moscow

Q-14 What is the Currency of Russia

Ans. Ruble

Q-15 Who is the president of Russia?

Ans. Vladimir Putin

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