Punjab Municipal Act 1911(Part-1)

Municipal Corporation and Nagar Panchayat Re-Exam (Jan/Feb 2018)

Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 (Part-1)

Q-1 When Lieutinant-Governor permitted Punjab Municipal Act?.

Ans.  3 May 1911

Q-2 When Punjab Municipal Act published in Punjab Gazette?

Ans. 11 Aug 1911

Q-3 In which Area Punjab Municipal Act came into force?

Ans.  Only in Punjab areas

Q-4 According to  Punjab Act 3, which clauses are included in it?

Ans. Section 3(6) through clauses 20 and 22

Q-5 Which articles were dismissed by Punjab Act 1994 which were related to Punjab Act 1911?

Ans.  Section 6 and 7

Q-6 Time Period for Municipal Committees will be?

Ans. Five Years

Q-7 To re leave from their designation committee members will present their resignation to?

Ans. Deputy Commissioner.

Q-8 Executive committees are on how many types?

Ans. Two

Q-9 Municipal Committee decisions are taken on the basis of?

Ans. Majority voting by present members

Q-10 Copy of any resolution passed in the committee, should be sent within three days to ?

Ans. Deputy Commissioner

Q-11 Under which section of this act committee with the Pre recommendation of State Government, can divide its power?

Ans.  Section 46

Q-12 Salaries and Funds to Municipal Committee members should be given From?

Ans. Municipal Committee Fund

Q-13 In absence of written agreement if an officer or an employee is appointed by the committee then how much time will be given to him before the committee discharge him?

Ans. 1 Month

Q-14 Under which act committee can transfer his property to the government with the permission of state government?

Ans. Section 56 or 57

Q-15 If a person gets property from his ancestors then?

Ans. The owner of the property will give written notice to the committee within three months


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